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Brazilian Waxing is a procedure that describes the temporary 

removal of pubic hair using either warm (strip) or hot (non-strip) 

wax. It used to be thought of as an extreme form of bikini waxing 

however it is now one of the most sought after beauty procedures 

available as it lasts 10x longer than shaving or depilatory creams, 

it softens re-growth & eliminates harsh stubble without producing 

an uncomfortable razor rash. In fact down-time is just a few hours! 

Lerage make the process of booking one of these bikini waxes pretty

straightforward and completely non-embarrassing ... simply select 

the Style & Design you prefer (using the grid below) then Click Here

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Select a Design from the list below then combine with one of these 3 styles >>>


Excludes removal of hair between legs and is known as a traditional bikini wax

Approx 5 mins


Includes removal of undercarriage but excludes labia folds and area between butt cheeks

Approx 10 mins


Includes removal of undercarriage including labia and between butt cheeks

Approx 15 mins


cost in GBP

cost in GBP

cost in GBP

Mini (Removal of Stragglers)




Mega 1 (Tall Narrow Triangle)




Mega 2 (Low Narrow Triangle)




Landing Strip (Tall Oblong)




Ze Hitler (Low Square)




Pencil (Extreme Narrow Strip)




Hollywood or Sphinx (Nude)




The Valentine (Heart-Shaped)




Lerage Special (Arrow-Shaped)





Confused by our Designs & Styles ... ?

Imagine standing - legs together - without underwear - in front of a mirror
The Design is what you will see in the mirror and The Style is what you can't!

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The term Brazilian Landing Strip is when an inch wide strip of pubic hair

(above the vulva) is all that remains in place along with a 5mm strip around

the vulva. The Brazilian is named after the country with which it is most often

associated. The Design that removes hair from the entire upper mons pubis is

 termed a  Hollywood. The Style that involves complete removal of hair between

 butt cheeks, perineum & labia majora is called a Honeymoon

While mainly associated with females, these waxing techniques are increasingly 

undertaken by males who prefer using the term Playboy Manzilian or BSC

It takes specific professional training to perform these intimate wax procedures 

and Lerage therapists have many years of experience (performing, between them, 

over one hundred per week). You'll be pleased to know that Lerage therapists also 

endure this type of waxing themselves! It is their ultimate priority to ensure you 

never feel embarrassed during the procedure and that you always experience the 

least amount of discomfort. For peace of mind each Lerage therapist has their own 

professional indemnity cover

Complimentary disposable underwear and hygiene wipes are provided along with a 

selection of oil, lotion & gel aftercare products. Although Hot Wax (non-strip) incurs 

an additional fee we highly recommend clients, with extremely delicate or sensitive 

skins, request Non-Strip Hot Wax at the time of booking as only two Lerage therapists 

are trained in this method


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On arrival at the salon you shall be shown to your treatment room and given 

fresh disposables. You shall be required to replace any underwear with our 

disposable thongs and freshen-up using our hygiene wipes

If you happen to be menstruating, and feel comfortable to go ahead with the 

treatment, we are happy to continue with the session. Wearing a tampon is 

fine ensuring the 'string' is neatly tucked away inside. 

A feminine towel or sanitary pad would make the Honeymoon impossible to 

achieve, sorry!

In order for your wax session to be successful you should ensure you attend 

the salon with plenty of hair growth. Waxing can be performed on short hairs 

however it will only produce marginal results


    • 15+ days growth is recommended if you have recently shaven. 
    • Expect the area to appear hair-free however smooth 
    • results will not be obtained until session two
    • A minimum 3 weeks re-growth is required if you have previously 
    •  waxed the area. Thereafter, if you wish to repeat 
    • the treatment, simply return in 4-8 weeks


  You must not use a sun bed, heat lamp or sunbathe outdoors the day before or after treatment

  Avoid strenuous activities and refrain from exercising on the same day as a wax session

  Do not use a sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room or swimming pool on the day you receive a wax

  Gentle pre-treatment exfoliation improves results however this must not be on the day of wax

  Bring along freshly washed cotton underwear and loose-fitting attire to wear post-treatment

  Ensure you shower before you arrive. You are advised not to bathe for the remainder of the day

  Clients who are (have been) using Roaccutane or steroid creams are required to mention this

  Please note that you shall be refused a wax treatment if the hair growth is insufficient in length

  Clients that have undergone surgery in the area or previously reacted adversely must inform us

There are no other precautions or requirements however it is in your interest to...


Arrive cool, calm & relaxed ...

This frame of mind certainly makes the session more comfortable for you. Stressed clients tend to perspire & wriggle about which then becomes a contra-indication to treatment! 

Avoid stress, sex & exercising ...

This advice should be followed for 24 hours both before and after receiving treatment as raised body temperature is a contra-indication and can also cause a self inflicted adverse reaction

Follow these After Care instructions ...

Keep the waxed area cool, protected & free from irritation. Aftercare products are available to purchase in-store and should be applied frequently for several days

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