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I'm concerned about cross infection during waxing

  • Lerage therapists are happy to explain their Fresh-Wax system and dispel any fear you may have of cross-contamination. 

How old must I be to receive a wax treatment?

  • You must be able to prove you are 17+ or attend with a responsible adult if you are 12 - 16 years of age

Is waxing painful?

  • Our experienced therapists remove unwanted hair quickly and as painlessly as possible.
  • Of course the sudden extraction of a large amount of hair from its follicles is not pain-free and some clients have a lower pain threshold than others however the end result is worth the discomfort and the majority of our clients re-book their next session before they leave the salon!
  • If, at any stage during the procedure, you feel the discomfort is unusual or unacceptable, it is your responsibility to end the session immediately. Your Therapist will respect your decision and cease treatment. You shall be charged proportionally.
  • We recommend you anticipate a little discomfort - that way you may be able to deal with this new experience better.
  • It is wise to follow your Therapists instructions as failure to do so may result in bruising and prolonged discomfort.
  • You may be asked to participate in the procedure by stretching the skin in certain directions but you will certainly be asked to remain still whilst the wax is being removed
  • Bear in mind that frequent sessions greatly reduce anxiety and treatment becomes more tolerable!

Will the waxed area feel sore after treatment?

  • Slight tenderness and, occassionally, raised follicles remain pink for a short period - particularly common following Ones' first visit or irregular sessions.
  • Occasionally excess epidermal layers of skin are unavoidably removed and greater tenderness will be experienced. Extra care is required with aftercare and should continue until the area has returned to normal.
  • Any normal reaction shall subside within a few hours however improper aftercare may prolong this and even cause an adverse reaction to erupt.
  • Aftercare requires you to keep the area cool [avoiding any activity that may retain or increase body heat] AND protected from all skincare products besides those applied directly after treatment.
  • Certain clothing can irritate the skin so it is advisable to bring along 'fresh cotton' garments to wear immediately after your session and thereafter remove clothing in the first instance.
  • Avoid friction and sex particularly if you have received waxing on/around the genital area. Avoid swiming in chlorinated or sea water.
  • Aftercare lotion is available to purchase and should be applied until the skin returns to its normal colour.
  • Those that suffer in-grown hairs can purchase a product that specifically combats the problem

How long will the results last?

  • This depends on many factors and varies - not only from person to person but from one session to the next!
  • You should book your sessions no sooner than 3-weeks apart although 6-weeks is most common.
  • Book too soon and the smooth results shall be short-lived - Book too late and the session may be more uncomfortable than necessary!
  • Avoid trimming, shaving or the use of depilatory creams mid wax as the regrowth may cause itching and often hair feels thicker

I'd like a male intimate wax but worried my penis may become erect

  • Your experienced Therapist is a professional and understands that this natural 'occurrence' happens from time to time.
  • Your Therapist shall ignore the ocurrance and continue treating you unless your behaviour causes concern.
  • The pain & embarrassment generally alleviates the situation and the 'occurrence' subsides!

When might my wax therapist refuse to treat me?

  1. If your hair is too short [Remember ... growth should be minimum 5mm in length] Please do not trim in advance!
  2. If you are unclean [Many clients pop in after work and this is acceptable as freshening wipes are provided. Please shower in the morning & avoid cologne, deodorant or moisturising lotions]
  3. If you show signs of suffering any contagious skin condition
  4. If you have taken Roaccutane within the past 6-months or applied steroid creams within the past 3-months
  5. If your skin shows signs of sunburn or is broken, weeping or chaffed
  6. If you inform us you have previously sunbathed [natural or artificial] or are suffering from excess perspiration
  7. If you remove any clothing that your Therapist has not requested
  8. If you have not received a pre-wax skin test or state that you have previously reacted adversely
    1. If you show any disrespect or give rise for concern
    2. If your pain tolerance is low and you cannot sustain further treatment
    3. If your skin begins to perspire excessively
    4. If the treated areas appear to react abnormally
    5. If your behaviour becomes inappropriate or provocative

Would I be expected to pay for a session that is terminated before completion?

  • If your treatment has begun then the answer is "Yes" however you shall only be required to proportionately cover the costs of treated areas

    • Attend the salon with plenty of hair growth! Don't be embarrassed with the amount of hair growth you have as it's just how we prefer you ... hairy!
    • Minimum 3-weeks growth is necessary if you have previously shaven however 4 weeks growth is required if you have previously waxed the area. Thereafter - If you wish to repeat your wax treatment - you should consider returning every 4-6 weeks.
  • You must not use a sunbed or sunbathe on the same day.
  • Fake tan will be completely stripped away so avoid applying tanning products during the week before a wax
  • You must not use a sauna, jacuzzi or steam room on the same day as treatment
  • You should bring along soft, fresh, loose cotton clothing for after the treatment
  • Bathe before you arrive as you are advised not to bathe for the remainder of the day
  • Clients who are (or have been) using Roaccutane or steroid creams are required to mention this before booking
  • You shall not receive maximum benefits from treatment if the hair growth is insufficient
  • Regular exfoliation is recommended in areas of ingrown hairs however this must gentle and not on the day of waxing

Persons with Diabetes, Circulatory Conditions and, in particular, anyone susceptible to infection should not receive waxing as treatment can leave the skin tender & open to infection. Waxing should be avoided in areas of Varicose Veins, Moles, Warts, Scar tissue. Wax should not be applied on eyelashes, inner nose, inner ears, areola, chapped & irritated skin, sunburn or open wounds.

There are no other precautions or requirements however it is in your interest to...
  • Arrive cool calm & relaxed
    • This frame of mind certainly makes the session more comfortable for you. Stressed clients tend to perspire & wriggle about. This is a contra-indication to treatment!
  • Avoid stress, sex & exercising
    • This advice should be followed for 24 hours before and after treatment as raised body temperature is a contra-indication and can cause an adverse reaction
  • Follow the After Care instructions below
    • Keep the waxed area cool, protected & free from irritation. Aloe Vera is applied after wax sessions & can also be purchased from your therapist


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